How can I change the LUKS password prompt to text mode

I am running a Fedora 37 server with encrypted root disk (not boot).

When I boot the machine, the following prompt appears in the middle of the screen:

This is not a text mode, but seems to ba a graphical mode. While normally I wouldn’t mind that much, it can be a problem because IPMI does not do graphics.

I am puzzled by a few things here:

  1. Why does Fedora Server use a non-text mode for booting? (After the boot process is done, the console is switched to a “normal” text mode anyway.)
  2. Why is it so complicated to find any information on how to turn that off?
  3. The same happens when I do a dnf system-upgrade reboot. The upgrade process uses the same graphical screen.

Many moons ago I was able to change this on another machine somehow and the boot process looks like this:

As a new user I cannot add a second image. I’ll try to add it as a reply.

I have been searching for many days now and I can’t figure out how I did that.

Is there someone who can please tell me how I can turn off that graphical boot process and LUKS password prompt and switch to a text mode?

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I’m adding the second image in this reply:

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To make your password prompt like second image, run:

sudo plymouth-set-default-theme -R details

To see your current plymouth theme, run:


To see all available themes on your system:

plymouth-set-default-theme -l

Wow, that did it! Thank you. You wouldn’t believe how many days, weeks I have been searching, looking at grub gfxpayload and other things. I’ve read the Fedora documentation, the wiki, but nothing. Down the rabbit hole…

See, stupid me, I though text would mean text and not graphical text. Argh!!!

This is certainly the mode that should be set on a server OS. I’m still fuzzy on why Fedora chose a non-text boot on a server.

This has been nagging me for at least one or two years.


Maybe this is a level that should be considered a bug and could be reported as such, particularly the fix. I agree the server probably should not have that feature, though the netinst (everything) spin and all others likely should.

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I am somewhat reluctant opening a bug report, because I have noticed more than once that something is not fixed or worse, just ignored.

I ran into another issue a while back and a previously filed bug report was closed without a fix.

I believe you misunderstood and accused me of something I did not do.

To be perfectly clear, I did not hijack my own topic and asked an unrelated follow-up question. I gave an example why I am reluctant to open a bug report. There was no question or did you see a question mark or was the sentence constructed as a question?

If I wanted to discuss this nm issue, I’d open another topic. I don’t, which is why I won’t.

I removed the link, but please note that your apprehension is just in your head. The link was not meant as a point for a new discussion. You misunderstood and because of it started a new discussion.
You are still hold up on the nm issue. I never said you are responsible, however you should probably admit that the fact that the issue was for f33 just underscores my point that it was ignored, since it is still not fixed in f37. :wink: