How can I bind Super+0 to open the 10th app?

My probably most used shortcuts are Super+<digit> to activate corresponding apps on the dock. The problem is, while Windows supports numbers from 1 to 0 (ten apps in total) Fedora seems to only support 1 to 9. How can I place an app to the 10-th position? This setting is not in the shortcuts menu.

I am assuming you are on Gnome Desktop, This is not a Fedora issue spoecifically as WM’s can do more. The Super needs Ctrl or Alt to continue the number actions.

So your

  • 10th -19th app woulds be Super+Ctrl+1
  • 20th-29th Super+Ctrl+Alt+1
  • You choose to integrate the 0 into the mix.
  • Be mindful of how other applications are using these keys to not clobber other actions.

If you have 30+ shortcuts, you should consider using letters.

The Super needs Ctrl or Alt to continue the number actions

Are you referring to GNOME? Because Ctrl+Super+Digit it seems to just open a new window of an app.

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I remapped my Super+Ctrl+Digit to open applications. . . You should review the keymaps and see what you have. Alsthough as far as I can remember, Super+Ctrl+1 was not mapped on Gnome.


I see what you mean about the

My apoligies. I use it so seldomly, I forgot that is a baked in keymap to the app shortcuts. I am using the the Keypad for Digits even though they have alternate functions. I would need to review how to remap and adjust that.

Future Edit

I used dconf to attempt to find this, but it appears to be very hidden.

Running Dash to Dock could be an option and modifying it to use the keys you want.