How can I add myself to the libvirt group in Fedora Silverblue?


I’ve installed libvirt on Silverblue, and when I run getent group (after reboot), I can see the libvirt group in the results.

However, I don’t see a corresponding entry in /etc/group for libvirt (in fact I only see root, wheel, and my own user’s group; whereas getent group shows 81 groups). I’ve tried in a fresh F29 Workstation in a VM on another machine, and there all the expected groups show up in /etc/group (including libvirt, once I’ve installed the RPM).

Additionally, trying to add myself to the group with sudo usermod -a -G libvirt $(whoami) doesn’t seem to have any effect.

I’ve got a feeling I’m looking in the wrong place, so suggestions welcome! :slight_smile:

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See Drop requirement on nss-altfiles, use systemd sysusers · Issue #49 · coreos/rpm-ostree · GitHub

First for libvirt IMO it’s better to do Marek Goldmann | Configuring polkit in Fedora 18 to access virt-manager

But copying my workaround from the issue: anyone who wants to e.g. add themselves to the libvirt group should do:

grep -E '^libvirt:' /usr/lib/group >> /etc/group

We have some work in progress to switch to sysusers:


Thanks a lot @walters, especially for the pointer to the polkit way of doing this!