Hotspot login while not using wifi


Since recently I have this weird problem. It started of with white flashes on my screen, that disappeared so quickly, I saw nothing but a flash. Being totally unaware and having never experienced this before, I started to feel somewhat insecure. Was this the result of a trojan on my system?
Later on there where some slower flashes, with made it possible to see the words “hotspot login”. Apparently it was a ascii-file coming up with this title, and with no contents but “OK”. I started googling on this problem, and it turned out that it had something to do with a network check. But I am far from a network engineer and all I read was just gibberish to me. I deciphered it had something to do with wifi, but I am not using wifi on this machine. It’s a cabled connection and wifi is not turned on.
It bugs me, tho. Sometimes, when I am typing a few lines, some characters get lost, because I was typing them while the popup appeared. Besides that, it’s really distracting.
Is there anything I can do to turn this off?
Thanks in advance

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