Hostnamectl support date seems wrong F39

Output from Fedora 39 hostnamectl shows support ending in 5 months… yes Fedora 40 will be out then but doesn’t F39 have support for ~13 months when F41 is released?


That is what is stated in /usr/lib/os-release. However says this

Fedora Linux 39 end of life 	Tue 2024-11-12 	Tue 2024-11-12

Hi, this is a bug in the fedora-release package. I notice the fix has been committed, so it will be fixed in the next update of this package. But no update has been prepared yet.

The correct date is indeed November 12. (This date is the early estimate; if Fedora 41 release date is delayed, then the actual EOL for Fedora 39 will be pushed back correspondingly.)

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