HOME NAS, Smart Home, HTPC solutiion based on Fedora?

Hey Guys,

Is there any solution that RH or Fedora based spin that provides fire and forget shared home NAS solution? Or HTPC? Smart home? None of them exists as solution? I think the time has passed, just show off with desktop spins.


I see we have home-assistant-cli in the repos, but I don’t think we have home-assistant in there. The last time I tested it out, it didn’t feel packaging friendly but I haven’t looked at it in a long time.

If it cannot be packaged, a spin cannot be made of it. Feel free to start a SIG to work towards this :+1:

@ankursinha Is it possible to turn somehow the Fedora UI into some sort of KIOSK like UI that boots directly into – like a HTPC UI? Gnome can do that? Because that way we can tie our paths, and solutions based on cli, with hidden behind a gui. It would be awesome to have some custom home diagnostics, some switches, kinda like a smart mirror home screen, and some submenus. I have a feeling that we have everything to that, but how can I start a sig, and tie the lines? What would be to reuse cheapo windows based 1G RAM tablets to run bunch of cli apps, with a single KIOSK GUI? What can be the pros/cons? TY

I know that someone looked at the Kiosk mode at some point, but I’ve not heard anything about it recently:


Maybe worth contacting them or starting a discussion on the devel mailing list where others would know/remember more.

There’s this in the Gnome repos, but I haven’t a clue how it works or what the intended use case is:

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Thanks, I will try to dig around, and know more. Maybe with a 1G tablet system, Gnome would be a huge overload, and I will need something lighter. I don’t know yet. But needs to experiment out. My use case would be to have direct control UI for my flat smart Wi-Fi lights, and other small appliances – spiced up with some smart mirror stuffs. As far as I know, KDE has the kiosk ability to run even on a tiny netbook, but Gnome shell no clue. It would be awesome to have as info panel, and home control switches on the wall. Many of the smart mirror functions are script based, but using only basic GNOME Shell apps like weather, some news, gnome notes, and internet radio as starting screen would be awesome. As submenu, maybe home IP phone (skype call, or jitsi), and many of ideas that I have – can breathe life into these old devices. But what can provide some HTPC like single UI? Can I use gnome widgets and define them locked to the home screen by default?

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I am a bit worrying about the “fire and forget”, because Fedora is not intended for that. The major issue here are the upgrade cycles: You have to upgrade your Fedora each 6 months or at least once in a year. If you do the latter, you will have to skip a release and upgrade directly to the latest version, which will then have just been released (which means some problems in the early days cannot be ruled out).

If you want a fire and forget solution, I suggest to stick with CentOS or Rocky Linux. As Fedora, CentOS and Rocky Linux are (indirectly) based upon each other, many solutions and guides that work on/for one distribution will also work on/for the other two.