Hidden story behind the new Fedora DEI Team logo

Howdy folx, I came across this excellent deep dive post from @ekidney about the concept generation process that went behind the new Fedora DEI Team logo being rolled out. It was a great read and also goes to show how much work and care went into our new logo! :heart:

Get the full scoop here:


I’ve gotta ask: What on earth is DEI?[1] It sounds like some Eastern
philosophy concept (think Zen, Dalai Lama, :yin_yang:).

  1. Of course it’s a rhetorical question. I looked it up, but I
    shouldn’t have to. I don’t think DEI is as well known as e.g. FAS or FESCo. ↩︎

Possibly less so within Fedora, but as a general term, it’s quickly become the common way to refer to groups and frameworks around these issues.

The cool thing with this new logo design work is that it builds our team identity and brand stronger. Our team first began in 2015 as just “Diversity Team”, and later in 2017-2018 became “Diversity & Inclusion Team.” It was a couple years ago now that we evolved the D&I team to DEI Team. Same team, same overall mission, but slightly refocused each time.

I suppose it is hard to rival the age of “FAS” and “FESCo” acronyms which have a good 10+ years on their use inside the Fedora community. But I hope we will bring more awareness around the DEI Team with our upcoming work on a Mentor Summit too. The new logo and brand helps. :slightly_smiling_face: