Hibernation woes on Thinkpad X13 Gen4 AMD (amdgpu)

Lenovo Thinkpad X13 Gen4 AMD
AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 7840U w/ Radeon 780M Graphics
BIOS: 1.12 (latest)

I have wasted days of my life chasing this around. Recently moved over from a Dell XPS where hibernate just worked and naively assumed it would be the same on the Thinkpad.

The problem is intermittent which makes debugging very time-consuming. The symptoms are also not consistent, sometimes it hangs (with black screen) going into hibernate, mostly it hangs coming out of hibernate when the memory image is loaded. Occasionally it will lock-up for ~30s and then reboot.

But after all the debug sessions I think I’ve finally nailed it down to the amdgpu module. When I blacklist this and rely on the generic video driver hibernate works consistently. Unfortunately, using the generic driver isn’t a great experience, not only do I loose hardware acceleration but I can no longer control screen brightness, it’s stuck on 100%.

I’ve tried various different kernels: -


At this point I feel like I’ve pretty much reached a dead-end. Is the amdgpu driver known to be problematic (i.e more so than the Intel drivers) with hibernate? Anything else I can try oher than periodically trying newer kernels as they are released?

p.s. I already know about the ath11k hibernate bug and I unload that module using a systemd hook.