Help with sharing external hard disk's. Slow wake from sleep Macbook

Hi Fedora community.

We (my girlfriend and I) have recently changed our operating systems to fedora 30 on all our computers (mac and windows) and we love fedora 30 so first of all thank you. We have some minor issues that we can’t seem to fix:

  1. we have two external drives we have hooked up to our desktop and we want to be able to share these over our network. I found the public folder option but can’t seem to share the drives? + Now that we are on fedora, which format is best for external drives?

  2. My girlfriend’s Macbook Pros (mid 2015) wake from sleep is super slow. Is there a way to fix this? I don’t know where to start troubleshooting. + There is a grub error when it boots. It shows up for about a second but the system boots.

I hope someone is able and willing help us on to the right path to solve this.

Best wishes,