Help wanted: Contribute to Fedora D.E.I. Team documentation

Hi folks, in the fortnightly D.E.I. Team meeting, we wanted to call attention to a good first issue in our team. We are working on improving our documentation, and this issue is a good one to dip your toes into editing Fedora Documentation:

What is the ask? We needs to update “Fedora Women’s Day” in our documentation to the new name, “Fedora Week of Diversity.” There are a few places we need to update the name, and there are other pages we can put into a historical archive. Some empty pages can be dropped.

If you have questions, you can ask here or in the Pagure issue tracker. This is a great way to make a new contribution to the team! :grinning:


What should be excactly made to be changed? :slight_smile:



The details are in the Pagure ticket. It will take some digging through our docs to find the places that need to be updated. Some things can be archived and others can be updated. We can answer any questions someone has along the way. :smiley:

Well, then let me try to dive into the Pagure ticket. :slight_smile:

Concerning the FWD, see my recent comment in Issue #225: Update FWD -> Fedora Week of Diversity in DEI docs - fedora-diversity -

in conjunction with the pull request PR#230: Fedoras Women Day becomes Fedora Week of Diversity - fedora-diversity -