! HELP ! Unrecoverable System Freezing Fedora 40

Fedora 40 freezes most of the time while watching YouTube videos in Firefox, sometimes Firefox crashes and give option to quit and restart, sometimes gnome-shell crashes, and I am back to log in screen, tried to collect journal entries are missing between the moment it freezes and next hard reset, other times when it just crashes, I see systemd-coredump gnome-shell long list of error of modules in red, which I tried to analyze using GDB and found out program terminated with SIGABRT in __pthread_kill_implementation () from /lib64/libc.so.6, one more time I analyzed coredump file, it showed SIGSEGV, segmentation fault in __eglSetLastVendor () from /lib64/libEGL.so.1, most of the other information is missing because journal entries are missing because system freezes completely, it’s a dual boot setup and Windows 11 working perfectly fine without even a single crash or BSOD, I even play Valorant on Windows, and it works like charm, I want to move to Linux, but I am unable to because of system freezing, Ubuntu freezes, arch freezes, Debian freezes, fedora freezes, but windows works absolutely fine without single error, first thought was memory, but both sticks can’t be faulty.

System info - Misc/System_info.txt at main · Annymz/Misc · GitHub

Last_boot_journal_before_crash- Misc/journalctl-b-1.txt at main · Annymz/Misc · GitHub

This pic is just before system froze while a YouTube video was running full screen.