Help on following tags

And regarding tooling: Eduard, it would be helpful if you could briefly describe how I can restrict notifications to #docs in the discussion interface. I found settings in the menu and also categories and tags in notification. But none of the drop down lists offers #docs for me, only various other tags like #silverblue or #workstation and so on.

And it would be really helpful if one of the tooling experts would look into syncing the good vintage mailing list with the discussion here instead of turning it off.

Well, </rant off> and hope for a productive time ahead.


Have you had a look at this?

I had quite a bit of trouble initially, but after following steps there and narrowing down what I want to see, discussion.fp.o is finally now on par with the MLs for me in terms of signal to noise ratio :slight_smile:


Yes, I selected the page and could select e.g. fedora magazine and project discussion, which is too much. Then I tried to select in teams & tags, watched #docs. But there is no docs to select. So I must miss something.

Any hint much appreciated.


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click on #docs, and on that page use the notification settings in the right hand side (the bell icon next to the “new post” button) to set your notification level?

(we’re hijacking this thread, so please open a new one about these issues in the appropriate category and this can continue there)

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Thanks, that seems to work. If not I’ll open a new thread, indeed.

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@pboy Try

instead of See the navigation docs @ankursinha referenced for the distinction.

I’ll look at adding some help text to those preferences pages.

(Also note: there is currently a bug under investigation related to this: Tag notification subscriptions not saved. Should be fixed soon.

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