Help! no rpm fusion configure files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ after rpm fusion installed

I installed rpm fusion using command line instructed at Configuration - RPM Fusion,
and the terminal output is as follow:

Package rpmfusion-free-release-32-1.noarch is already installed.
Package rpmfusion-nonfree-release-32-1.noarch is already installed.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.

But I can’t find the configure files in /etc/yum.repos.d/
what’s in /etc/yum.repos.d/ is as follow:
fedora-cisco-openh264.repo fedora-updates.repo
fedora-modular.repo fedora-updates-testing-modular.repo
fedora.repo fedora-updates-testing.repo

Hello @kangqi and welcome to the community. Please have a look to the #start-here category when you have the time.

Retry with the command line, but using reinstall instead of install

sudo dnf reinstall$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

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It worked, thank you, you are brilliant.

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