Help modifying launch scripts (or GUI equivalent)

I have a few different apps that are initially blurry when I download them. From what I’ve figured out, this is because they’re Electron apps and they don’t run using Wayland by default, which is a problem because I’ve enabled fractional scaling. (I don’t quite understand what Electron and Wayland are exactly, but I don’t think that’s part of my problem here).

For Microsoft Edge and Obsidian, the README on the flatpak in Github provide instructions for how to enable Wayland for every launch.

For Todoist and VSCode, I’m stuck. It’s a bit of a different scenario for each, but possibly the same solution, which is why I’m asking in one topic.

I have Todoist as a flatpak. I can launch it through the terminal as flatpak run --socket=wayland com.todoist.Todoist --ozone-platform-hint=auto --enable-features=WaylandWindowDecorations, and it launches correctly, with no blurriness. The problem is that I’d like this to also happen when I launch it my clicking on the icon. I was instructed to modify the launch script, but I cannot find the launch script! I also saw advice to do this graphically in Flatseal, but I can’t figure out what exactly to put where. When I tried putting the flags in the Environment section, Flatseal told me that the inputs were invalid.

I downloaded VSCode as a .rpm because I wanted the integrated terminal to work easily. I have a similar problem; everything works great if I launch through the terminal using the command code --enable-ozone --ozone-platform=wayland, but I’d like that to happen automatically when I click the icon. Is there a file where I can store these flags for launch? Where is it? Where exactly do I put the flags?

If this question is better suited for a different forum, please let me know. This is my first time posting here and I’m not quite sure what all belongs.

The system launch ( *.desktop) files for global use by all users are mostly under /usr/share/applications/

A user constructed .desktop file would be placed under $HOME/.local/share/applications.

If a user wishes to modify the installed system launcher then they should copy the system launcher to the location under their home directory and modify that one. It then would take precedence over the system-wide .desktop launcher.

To see the default construction of those files you can look at the content of any of the .desktop files under the /usr directory and mimic it into a desktop launcher you create for your user.

Welcome to Fedora @maple-43

If you want to make you a helper script and get a link to start it while searching in activities, have a look at the topic I made lately:

My helper scripts I save in $HOME/bin (you have to create the directory if not available). So they get automatically added to the search $PATH variable. Of course the helper script has to be executable so that you can run in in terminal without have to add a pad where it lives.

In brief: copy the .desktop launcher to your “~/.local/share/applications” folder and adjust the command on the “Exec=” line.

If you wish to do this for all users, copy the launcher to “/usr/local/share/applications” and edit that copy as root user.