Help - Make shared connection through ethernet always on (even when fedora suspend)

Guys, im sharing my wireless internet with the ethernet connection , but when gnome/fedora sleeps , the internet halts. is there a way to always on ?

thanks in advance

I dont know if is the wifi that disables when suspend, and then no internet would be available on ethernet , or both

I don’t think you can keep the network up if the computer has gone to sleep. I would suggest you get a router, or one of those wifi-extenders with an ethernet port.

When fedora sleeps (suspends) the ethernet is off. Makes sense because that is a power saving feature and the machine actually halts operations.

As suggested, if you want other devices to be able to use the internet while your laptop is sleeping you should get a router/access point to connect to the internet so the connection is not interrupted by the laptop going to sleep. The alternative seems to be to set your laptop to never sleep if you use internet sharing.

Understand, and do you see any problem not letting the notebook suspend ?
i set the screen to go off after 15 min, and now set also to the notebook not suspend.

Yeah, i should buy any extended router, though friend linux could help me save money on that rsrsrs

As long as the notebook does not have restricted air flow and does not overheat then keeping it running should not be a problem. Laptops & notebooks are usually very low power draw when idle, though more than a router would be. You could even set it to not suspend with the lid closed as that also would help keep the keyboard dust free.

thanks bro

Laptop power draw may be less than router+ external UPS. Now that local governments put important announcements on social media, cell systems get overloaded when power goes out or accidents close major highways. Internet over fiber is more useful, but needs a UPS for modem and router.