Help: laptop restarting when shut down

My laptop(ideapad330 corei3 4gb ddr4) restarts as soon as I shut down.
This happens on battery power though. Pressing down the power button did not help. Weirdly I was able to shut it down by connecting it to power. Now it has to be connected again to boot. Any help with solving this issue would be much appriciated. Thanks !

I’d say that you have a problem with your battery/motherboard combination which results in the wrong voltage (so the wrong signal) reaching the device registers (ACPI) when you try to shut down. It could also be that you’ve hit a bug with ACPI management, but I find that much less probable.
If you’re lucky, it’s just a bad battery, if not, some caps may be getting ready to depart this earth.

Try a power reset. Turn off your laptop and disconnect your power cable. Keep your power button pressed for at least 20 seconds or until you see some lights flashing. It might help.

go to power management

and check the option

Thanks, it did help with issue.

There is still an issue that laptop won’t suspend when I press the power button.

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