Help installing old version of autoconf

Hello, I’m new to Fedora, but not to Linux. I am trying to follow these instructions to build SpiderMonkey for a C++ project. The build uses autotools, but it requires an old version of autoconf, specifically version 2.13. I found this package and installed it using:

   sudo dnf install autoconf213

However, when I go to run ./configure, I get:

 bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

This suggests to me that autoconf hasn’t been found.

How should I proceed? Can I convince bash to use autoconf213? Or should I uninstall it, install the main autoconf, and then downgrade?

You need to install C Development Tools and Libraries like sudo group install “C Development Tools and Libraries”

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That says that ./configure is not found. You must be in the directory where configure is located before you can use that command.

and why compile you aready have mozjs91 package in fedora repos

According to the instructions you linked, it is ../configure, not ./configure. There is a file in the js/src directory of Firefox source tree, so first you need to generate the configure file with autoconf-2.13 command.

It’s not a directory thing–I was running …/ from a subfolder, but I get the error message. I thought that changing it to ./ for the example would make things simpler, but I guess it caused confusion instead.

Good to know that the package is there already–maybe I can use this instead. I’m still curious to know what’s going wrong though. I’m trying to run othe configure commands also, but getting nothing.

The system has the ‘configure’ command already installed. When doing installs that require using configure many include a customized ‘configure’ script within the files used to do the build which is why the instructions tell the user what to do for building the binary app file on ones system. Those will use the provided script and not the system configure nor the autoconf commands.

When I look at the Firefox’s source code, there isn’t a configure script, but there is a file named in the js/src directory. You need to run autoconf-2.13 command after cd js/src and before mkdir _build. Then follow the rest of the instructions in that link.