Hello everyone! What do you think?

I don’t know how to collect data from Askbot—I see nothing in the admin settings. @not-mattdm-at-all: any ideas on how we can get this info if it can be obtained? (This is all I found, and getting information based on views seems to require some coding so cannot be done)

We were aware that we’d lose the knowledge that we had accrued on askbot, but migrating bulk information from askbot to discourse is not doable, especially with the limited hands we have working on this here. There’s no automated way of doing it, and even if there was, we didn’t want to consider moving everything either—we thought it’d be good to start from scratch on a new platform. So:

  • either it’s done manually, in which case we need people pointing out important/common questions and moving them here as new topics in the appropriate categories (or quick-docs if they merit going there)
  • or it isn’t done at all, and we just restart from scratch and let the knowledge collect up again.

Discourse collects lots of data on these things (which is also one of the reasons why we moved to Discourse instead of another platform), so at least in the future, we won’t have this issue.

There is not really a good way, unfortunately. I mean, we could request a database dump. But then there’s a lot of work to comb through it and I’m not sure that’s worth it.

Of course, we can ask the current provider of Askbot for whatever we can get, but I’m not counting on it being much.

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Hello everyone, as I User I don’t like see any messages about a new messages, Topic or Wharever other than I’m not include for example (English and Spanish), Today I have two new messages about new things in (Italian and Persian) category.

What I did? I muted these categories in my personal profile GO → Preference → Categories → (Muted), I think this step should be included in Star Here! guide… and solved problem…

This is how my site look like after that → Captura%20de%20pantalla%20de%202019-03-27%2019-30-57

@alciregi @bt0dotninja @hedayat




Can you please open a new topic about the “start here” usage guides? We’ll copy over the main usage guide from discourse and translate it but we’ll also add these other bits that make using the multi-language setup much easier.

Are there any HTTP logs available? After IP anonymization all kinds of statistics could be computed, with grouping by date and address.

Open done, altought the words English, Spanish, Italian and Persian it doens’t need anymore in all sub-categories, the parent categories indicate it in what language are you in…



Yes, youre right, @hhlp. Please remove the language names from the sub categories.

Does changing the heart to a thumbs up really make so much of a difference? It’s going to still imply a like and not any form of voting.

@alciregi @hedayat Could you please do the same at your side… and remove the language names from the sub categories


Ok. Removed the italian word from the subcategories.

BTW, silenced categories are still visible in the drop down menu.

Nothing dramatic.

We didn’t have them already :stuck_out_tongue:
So there is nothing to change.

For you, you are an admin :slight_smile:

Are you sure? :thinking:
Logging in with a normal user, I can see these categories in the drop down menu even if they are silenced (and actually they don’t show up in the main page).
As administrator the behaviour seems the same.

If it’s so, thats how Discourse is. Not much we can do there. Do check their permissions again. If theyre OK, thats fine. I expect users will be unable to select them while posting.

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Ye, it is Discourse. Another thing is:
if you start a new topic in a category, and then you change the category in the drop down menu, the tags you can select from, are still the ones from the other category.


Just to share what I’ve seen.

That’s only because I’d set up the “tag groups” to replace our level 2 categories. I’ve removed them now. As @not-mattdm-at-all said, the Discourse trust system (where only users of a certain trust level can create and manage new tags) seems good enough. Try now, as an admin you should be able to create new tags.

Tags are shared between all groups and categories, is it?

Now that ive removed tag groups, yes.

I believe it will make at least a subliminal difference.

Besides… :wink: