Hello everyone! What do you think?

@ozeszty: we’re thinking of pulling the plug on askbot and formally making this instance ask.fp.o before F30 releases in ~4 weeks. Would that be enough time to pull your archive, do you think?

@not-mattdm-at-all: is there a date when our subscription to askbot expires? Would it be possible to keep it in “readonly” mode until the expiry date—we can disable logins, and move the URL to archiveddiscussion.fedoraproject.org (or something)?

Yes, that’s enough, and knowing rough deadline helps :wink:

If we could schedule an hour in next week, when you’d set askbot into read-only mode, that would be very helpful. I’d grab some pages and see how much work it’ll save.

I’ll have to check with Bex. (And, I’m going to be away for a week or so, as my grandmother just passed away. I’ll try to remember when I get back.)

No worries, please take your time. We’re really sorry for your loss.


Hi, are there any plans to migrate users’ badges from Askbot to Discourse?


No, unfortunately there is no straight forward way of moving anything from askbot to discourse without directly accessing the database, and we’re not doing that at all (we cannot, and if we could we wouldnt due to lack of man power).

I wouldnt worry too much about the badges. Discourse has an excellent gamificiation system so we’ll all get loads of badges here too :clap:

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Wouldn’t it make sense to give users of askbot a notice that the platform will be shut down by xx/yy? I think it would be good to advise users ahead of time, so they know what to expect.
Maybe a banner type of notification (like when askbot was in read-only for the platform migration)?!


I am new to the Discourse way of things, so please forgive any stupid questions. Here is the first one, will stuff like This is a list of commonly asked questions - Ask Fedora remain read-only? Is there a way to comment on that?

Yes, we will do that, along with a magazine post announcing the move. We’re asking community members to test the new forum out first before we go ahead and invite users to move here.

It’s sort of a sticky post that we’ve locked—the idea being that forum can add info to it. Do you think it’s better to leave it open for comments? We can do that.

We toyed with the idea of making it a “wiki post”, but we need to check how wiki posts work.

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4 posts were split to a new topic: How do I write about OSS to spread information to new Fedora users?

Did you get a famous tags collection yet or not ? do you think to build poll for that to choose which one you see are the appropriate ?

Discourse lets trusted users create tags, so we’ll let that do its thing.

All if this has been discussed. Please look at the fedora-join project on pagure.io for the Ask Fedora tag. (Im on email so i cant give you the link).

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The site filtering list doesn’t show a post with a tag selected in the filter!

Thread with infrastructure tag.


Please refresh. Does show the post here.

I did a click on clear cache but the list was empty too!


If it isn’t working even now, please file an issue with upstream at their instance here.

We do not mention in anywhere but discourse has a mobile application, you can add as many site as you like there And get notification sorry for forget it

I looked at the reviews for the mobile application, but they werent too good. Most users said that the application was simply a webview embedded in an app, so you can just use your browser on your phone and that’ll work well enough too. Of course, Firefox is recommended :slight_smile: