Headset (phone + mic) option no longer available after upgrade to Fedora 33

My laptop has a 3.5mm combo port (headphone + mic). When I plugged my headset into that port on Fedora 32, a popup with 3 options would show up, and one of them was the full headset.
After I upgraded to Fedora 33, I don’t see that option anymore. I can now see the headphone and the mic, separately.
Is there a way to have that 3rd option back when I plug in the combo headset?

I tried one solution, but it didn’t work.

  1. I did cat /proc/asound/card*/codec* | grep Codec, and it showed Codec: Realtek ALC3254.
  2. I created /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, and added options snd-hda-intel model=dell-headset-multi to it. Then did a reboot.
    That didn’t help, and I tried varying the model as headset-multi then as headset-mic (looked these up, and they all appeared to be other valid options for ALC3254).

This is not a big thing, as I do have a workaround (plug in the headset, then go to Settings > Sound, and select the correct mic from the dropdown), but it would be best to have the 3rd option back, of course. Grateful for any ideas, thanks!


For the records. A more or less recent update has solved this issue. At least on my laptop, the three options are here again.
@rtqate can you confirm?

Yes, the headset option is back. Looks like it is, indeed, after an update. Thanks!

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