Heads up: changing the wp-count_authors script

Does anyone besides me use the wp-count_authors script that I wrote to count WordPress posts? Now that I’ve used it in earnest for a while, I’m planning on making some changes to the output so that it’s a little easier to do what I want it to do. But I didn’t want to make changes unannounced in case someone else is using it, too.

Here’s the basics of what I’m going to do:

  • Change the “here’s what I’m doing” info to print to STDERR instead of STDOUT
  • Reverse the order of the columns so that it’s
  • Sort the output by FAS ID lexicographically

This way I can go straight into diff -y (and seriously, if you’re not using the -y flag, you’re missing out) without having to do some sed and sort first. I probably won’t get to this until late next week, so now’s your chance to let me know if this will break anything for you!

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The changes sound cool to me. I haven’t had an opportunity to use the script before so this does not break anything for me.

“Late next week” apparently means 19 days later, but I’ve done most of the changes and pushed them. I decided to leave a little bit of the output on stdout since the internal improvements to the sorting mean I don’t need to strip them out comparing previous runs.

Also: I added date constraints driven by a request for Fedora Magazine.

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