Headphone microphone not getting detected

Bought a new headphone. In the Sound settings, it shows up as Headset in the Output device but does not show up as input.

The headphone works fine on a phone. Any help appreciated.

Hello @g0ldrush and welcome to the Fedora community.

There are so many models of headphones as well as PC audio jacks.
For instance a friend of mine has a laptop with a single jack that seems to work as output only. While my laptop has a single jack that works as input and output. I.e. the same headset works on my laptop (microphone and headphone), but doesn’t work on my friend’s one (only the headphone works).
Btw I don’t know if it is your case. You should provide more informations :slight_smile:

Sorry, I should have said I am having issues with my Bluetooth connection. The device is Taotronics TT-BH090.