Hdmi out and pending software updates

Pending software updates stop the display and sound settings from recognizing my TV and stereo. After installing the software updates and rebooting a few times the signal will get to my TV and stereo. The display and sound settings will them recognize my TV and stereo.

Any ideas on how to keep pending software updates from stopping the recognition of my TV and stereo?

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@cbrhonda This is really an interesting problem. So when the notification for software updates pops up that’s when the sound stops? I’m not doubting you but want to get the sequence of the issue.


I turn on the laptop and the laptop screen displays my login. After log in the laptop keeps using the built-in display and speakers (I want to use the TV and stereo). I select software and sometimes need to force it to check for updates. I download and install the update. Almost always after I install the update and log in the first time the laptop uses the built-in display and speakers. After one or a few restarts the laptop will use the TV and stereo as I have configured Fedora in the Settings for Display and Sound.

@cbrhonda So is the problem that you want it to connect to those devices on boot?

Yes, I would like to connect to the TV and stereo on boot.

Even after the laptop boots the Sound and Display in Settings do not recognize that a TV and stereo are connected to the hdmi out of the laptop. I can select built-in speakers or headphones for sound or the laptops built-in display.

Even after restarting a few times the TV and stereo are not recognized. When I install the daily OS update and restart then Display and Sound change to the devices I have connected to hdmi out from the laptop.