This package uses xterm-color to add customizable 256 color support to term and ansi-term for emacs.


Add eterm-256color-mode to term-mode-hook: (add-hook 'term-mode-hook #'eterm-256color-mode)

Enjoy more colors.


  • This package requires eterm-color. If it doesn’t exist on your system, you will be offered the option of fetching and compiling it from emacs-mirror.
  • You may have to restart ansi-term the very first time you start it after installing this package and adding the hook above - it should “just work” any time after that.
  • Make sure TERM really gets set to eterm-256color. It may be overridden if you export TERM in any of your shell init files.


You can use the variable eterm-256color-disable-bold disable bold colors. When specified as bold, colors 0 - 7 will be rendered with their “bright” counterpart instead.

Installation Instructions

To install the package:

sudo dnf -y copr enable hdfssk/emacs-eterm-256color sudo dnf -y install emacs-eterm-256color

Active Releases

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