Having problems getting started with contributing

Hi, I signed up with a FAS account in June. Thus far I gave not been able to find tasks to do. I attempted to make a Fedora badge and asked for help in the issue ticket in design team. I didn’t get any response on signing up for a Fedora badge workshop. I wanted to join for kernel testing. I was having problems to run the data from my laptop. I also wanted to do some editing for docs, but I am having problems on where to go…. Can someone please help me ??? I really want to help out in the community.

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You could get in touch with the Fedora Join SIG: Fedora Join Special Interest Group :: Fedora Docs
There you can find people that can help you.


Thank you so much. Can I assign a fixed task :grin: :laughing: I still have not been able to contribute.

We’re a volunteer community, so we don’t assign tasks to each other. Folks take up whatever tasks they’re interested in to help out.

I can’t find a ticket for you on the Fedora Join repos. Did we file one for you yet?

Have you contacted the Fedora QA team with your issues, as noted here?


Can you please specify what issues you’re having? Each page in the Fedora documentation has a “edit this page” link on the right hand side top. So clicking there would get you started.

More information here:


I’m not sure about this one. I wasn’t aware of a badges workshop myself. Sorry.

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