Having an issue with with robomongo

I have some issues using robomongo, which I downloaded from snap.
I already googled it(didn´t find any answer), I already installed the packages.
Can you help me with it?

You don’t mention anything about your desktop environment, but I suspect Gnome. Have you checked on compatibility issues for your app and Gnome? Most likely it hasn’t been updated for the more recent Gnome version. Check the robomongo web site for more information.

Yes it is gnome, it was updated today, when I will be back to the laptop I will give you the version.
Yes they do supported it.

Version of gnome 42.3

Robomongo became Robo 3T, but all development and support for Robo 3T has been stoppedhttps://robomongo.org/. Since Gnome 42 is much newer than the last update to the now unmaintained robomongo / Robo 3T product, I think you’ll have to follow their blog and move to their newer product.


This is areally casuality, I installed Robo 3T yesterday and I found a problema:

Robot 3T → core dump in :fedora:

I’ve reported to the Upstream TEAM and this is their response:

we only support the latest LTS Ubuntu release. Due to the various differences between distributions, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all versions of Linux and as such, we cannot support them

Sorry but nothing to do here in this case…

You can use → MongoDB Compass Download | MongoDB instead