Hardware wifi on suspend

I get stuck on Hardware Airplane mode on suspend.
I have to restart to fix it.
I own a HP penvy laptop.
This problem is also with UBUNTU. Need a fix
Please HELP!
i am very new to linux

Does your computer use Intel AX1650i chip for WiFi?

It is a serious bug, still present in these Linux distributions:

  • Arch
  • MX Linux
  • Manjaro
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint
  • Clear

I am looking for a way to report this bug to someone who cares. In the mean time, the best work-around I have found is to switch to Manjaro Linux and configure it to hibernate or blank screen instead of suspending. It makes sense to blank screen when closing the computer lid, and hibernate in other situations.

Manjaro is the only distro I have found that offers these choices in a reliable and convenient fashion.