Happy New Year Docs

On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 Leslie S Satenstein wrote:

Happy New Year Docs

I have been a Fedora biggot for about 15 years. I am a retired senior with an interest in the grammar as used within the docs. I rewrote some for my own pastime, I am not into using esoteric words in descriptions, but in spelling, punctuation, and in paragraph construction. For what it is worth, I am bilingual Candian-English, Canadian French with some Spanish.

As a pastime, I have edited the published docs for myself. Yes, my docs are more clear than the original, and more suited to the reader, whom I presume to be the beginner to Linux.

As per relocating to: #docs topics, I can certainly add a new bookmark.

After the dust settles, I would like to find a way to have my document tweaking reviewed and integrated into the mother doc.

Regards from Canada

@lsatenstein: The docs team is currently working on moving from Pagure to GitLab. One of the things that is supposed to be simpler with GitLab is submitting changes. See Ryan’s fourth bullet point here.

If you want to get involved, I think you’ll want to sign into GitLab with your FAS account here and then join the docs project once it is moved over (I don’t think the documentation has been moved yet).

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