Half White Monitor Screen

Ever since I’ve installed Fedora, my HDMI Monitor just shows a half white screen. It works but only half of it. Can someone help me?

Can you provide more info?
What is the output of the console commands “screenfetch” and/or “xrandr” saying?

You may need to install them in advance:
sudo dnf install xrandr screenfetch

This is the output of both commands

I’m also really sorry for the late reply, I stopped using it for a while. But now I’m back on it.

No reason for saying sorry.

The xrandr output tells use that you use the recommended resolutions for your monitors.

Your left monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080.
Your right monitor has a resolution of 1680x1050.
Your entire screen is 3600x1080

This should be fine.

Which monitor is half white?
The right one?

From the output it seems that you left monitor is rather small, having 34 cm x 19 cm
and you right screen is rather huge, having 60 cm x 34 cm.

Is it some Laptop setup with a small integrated monitor connected to a big external?

You can measure the screen sizes yourself using a ruler or something.

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Ok so, the commands were used in my laptop’s monitor. But the monitor with the half white screen is the XWAYLAND1 which is a 27 inch monitor I would say… I tried updating NVIDIA drivers, changing the resolution of the screen from the fedora settings, xrandr and even changed cables but nothing seems to work.

In you screenfetch output the amd graphics card seems to be used.

Using NVIDIA I’d recommend to switch from wayland to xorg in the very first place, since nvidia and wayland do not work together very well.

After that you can test your screen setup once more.

If your screen still is half white, I’d try to switch the nvidia card being your primary gpu, using a guide like this:

Starting with Point 8 should be fine.

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Ohhh thank you so much haha. The first option worked, I only logged off the current user, and when I went back to log in again I chose the “GNOME on Xorg” option on the bottom right.

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You are welcome, glad it finally worked.
If you still encounter issues, you may need to entirely switch to xorg by point
Changing the default GNOME session via configuration file

Will do, thanks :grin: