A python tool for reading and writing NRRD files into and from numpy arrays

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Pynrrd is a pure-Python module for reading and writing NRRD files into and from numpy arrays. NRRD stands for Nearly Raw Raster Data and is a file format designed for scientific visualization and image processing involving N-dimensional data. It is a simple and flexible file format with a header containing information about the dat a that can be read by simply opening the NRRD file in a text editor.

Many other file formats such as PNG, JPG, DICOM cannot be read with a simple text editor! In addition, the raw data can be stored in a NRRD file in a number of commonly known formats such as ASCII, gzip, bzip or even raw. The header information and data itself can be stored in the same file or separately. Another feature of the NRRD file format is the support of custom key/value pairs in the header to allow storing of user information not defined in the NRRD specification.

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