Guitarix issue in Fedora 33

So, after updating to Fedora 33 I have a persistent issue with the Guitarix GUI. Selection of presets with the mouse do not work. After discussion with people more informed than me (Brummer), I have been informed that:

“The issue is introduced by a GTK3 update and fixed in our git repository.
You may report the issue to the fedora maintainers as well and point them to this commit:
guitarix / Git / Commit [15f767]

the original post is here:

How would I go about resolving this issue?


If you’d like the Fedora package to carry this fix, you need to file a bug and inform the maintainers of the fix. Generally, maintainers wait for developers to make a bugfix release, but if it’s a critical bug they’re generally happy to carry a patch until a new release is made.

I see no bugs filed for guitarix at the moment:

You can file a bug there, following this documentation:


Okay, I’ll file a bug as you suggested. Thank you for your help

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