Guide to configure Hibernation with Fedora 34

I’ve been searching for instruction to setup Hibernation with Fedora 34 Workstation, but most of the guides are old or for a different distribution, I noticed Fedora 34 has in Settings → Power → Power Button behavior, to assign it to “Hibernate, Suspend, Power Off, Nothing”, I tried to use Hibernation, but it failed, I think I have to configure the system to use it, please any guide or point me to the guide how to set it up for Fedora 34 will be appreciated, thanks

Is there a nvidia card?
If yes, please see this topic:

Besides of that, the settings are under:
Settings → Power

Also, if you are not aware, Fedora 34 by default uses zram for swap. This means that unless you have configured a physical swap space at least as large as your physical RAM that you cannot hibernate.

Yes, it is an RTX 3050 Ti, actually I only use it in Windows, while in Fedora 34, I want to use the Intel GPU and not use at all the NVIDIA GPU, right now I have the default Fedora 34 installation with Wayland and using Settings → About → Graphics → Mesa Intel UHD Graphics (TGL GT1) driver.

Question, does this means that the NVIDIA GPU is not being used and I don’t have to worry about it while I am on Fedora? I don’t want the NVIDIA GPU to be using cpu cycles or power while on Fedora

Thanks, I just found out as well, I am setting up a SWAP partition to test

Fedora does not use the nvidia discrete GPU unless needed, or explicitly required by the user. The IGP is the default.