[GUIDE] Install amdgpu-pro OpenCL in Fedora 32

latest version don’t work too, however work on amdgpu 20.40 on Fedora 34 Beta.

What packages you have installed ? the package I listed are different from whats given here.

Paste the output of

yum list installed | grep @amdgpu

May I add that if anyone needs to install ROCm, these resources should come in handy:


Rocm repo has had issues with blender (like segfaults) and Blender doesn’t support Rocm OpenCL officially. My guide uses AMD GPU pro openCL including Rocr (only userspace components) which is working alongside mesa. And does not installs any dkms either.

The thing is some applications dont find these installed from Rocm repositories. That is why OpenCL components provided in Radeon software repos is the way.

Your guide had some wrong package names according to the latest version and also installs dkms (which fails on kernel building ) and should not get installed.

Also arch Linux does this the exact same way due to these reasons from the AUR (en) - opencl-amd So I got a bit of help from that figuring out what packages are needed. And will not cause any dkms to get downloaded. and everything will stay in userspace. Its working great :slight_smile:


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