GUI for installation of packages in all repositories

As a guy from a non-CS background, I was scared by the idea of installing packages with command line when I first switched from windows to fedora.

After several years of’ break-in experience, I start to enjoy the simplicity of the command line. However, I feel like that if I could have started with a GUI for the installation of packages, I would have switched to Fedora much earlier. The Software app of Gnome is amazing. If there is something similar to it but shows all the packages that could be installed via command line dnf install package_name, then it would be great for newcomers.

I personally believe this GUI should not be very difficult to develop, so maybe there is already one? Any ideas?


You are looking for dnfdragora :slight_smile:

sudo dnf install dnfdragora

It should also be available in gnome-software.

(Gnome software only shows GUI apps that ship appstream data. It does not list all packages in the repositories)


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