Guardrails for too-short RC-to-Go/No-Go

I don’t have a strong opinion here. I just think that the whole interval between “RCs are here” and “Fedora is GO” should be at minimum 2 full days (I’d rather say at least 3 days). Whether it’s tied to the late-blocker policy or not doesn’t matter much to me.

I agree. Let’s not fall into the trap of a changed comment which clearly “can’t break anything”. Even trivial fixes need at least some minimum time to test (I’m fine with the originally proposed 12 hours).

Note: When talking these timeframes, I’d like to highlight that the clock should start ticking when RCs are truly available, not when they start building.

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For sure!

There’s a Blocker Review meeting at 1600 UTC on Monday. With G/NG at 1700UTC on Thursday, this is 3 days of testing if RC’s have appeared by the end of Blocker Review. How about we make “end of Blocker Review” the week of G/NG the cutoff time for RCs needing to appear by?

I think that would essentially make the blocker review the go/no-go meeting. If the RC has to appear by the end of the meeting, there’s no time to allow pending updates for newly-accepted blockers, etc. I think it takes ~5 hours for a compose these days, so to have an RC by the scheduled end of the meeting would require starting it 2 hours before the meeting begins.

On the other hand, we could require the RC request to go in some small number of hours after the meeting. This would allow for pending blocker fixes and FEs to go into the RC, and given the general reliability of composes, these days, I’m not too concerned about it taking 2 days to actually get the compose.

The other issue is that there’s no particular reason that Blocker Review meeting needs to be on Mondays. If that meeting ever needs to move for some reason, I don’t know if I want the RC request to still be tied to it. For example, what happens if QA decides the Blocker Review meeting should be on Fridays instead?

Of course, there’s not a particular reason we need to have the Go/No-Go meeting on Thursdays, except that it’s apparently the latest we can decide and still have the release ready on Tuesday. But there’s no particular reason we need to release on Tuesdays except that we always have…