Gtksourceview5 in fedora

i was just wondering why gtksourceview5.x is not in the repos for fedora 35 and Overview - rpms/gtksourceview4 - even shows 4.8 for fedora 36.


I see a review ticket here, so it should be included soon:

In general, a community member (usually one that uses or develops the software) has to volunteer to maintain a software as a Fedora package. So, if something isn’t in Fedora, it’s because no one has stepped up to take it on.

thanks, i didn’t think to check the bugzilla after looking other places. I also didn’t realize that each new major version of gtksourceview would potentially require a new maintainer. I just assumed that since gtksourceview4 was in the repos gtksourceview5 would be forthcoming. I can guess that maybe the gtksourceview4 maintainer is happy with gtk3 for now.

thanks again. i’ll follow the issue you linked.

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