Gtkmm-4.0 package

I’m trying to compile the basic example of GTK with C++

I can’t find any Package 'gtkmm-4.0' and I’ve tried a dnf search gtkmm4 but no luck

The following seems to be the only version available
gtkmm30-devel.x86_64 : Development files for gtkmm30
and it’s not the correct one.

How to proceed? Anyone else developing on GTK4?

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gtkmm4 does not look like a stable library yet. For example, see what the docs you’re following says:

There’s nothing about it on the download pages either:

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Well, actually gtkmm version 4 is stable, but downstream distributions have to pick it up (e.g it is already available in arch_linux with pacman).
So in order to proceed with Fedora 34, I’ve tried building the source tarball with meson and ninja but (at the moment) I’m stuck with this issue. Solved now as described in the comment following the linked issue.

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