GTK4 no CSD : is there really no way to disable CSD on GTK4?

Hello. I’m XFCE spins user, and I’m looking more worried with GTK4 causing fragmentation of software design window decoration not same since GTK4 take over.

My rebel question is, is there really no way for GTK4 to have no CSD? Does Gnome team remove that ability in GTK4?

Thank you

There’s no “fragmentation”: applications developers that decide to add UI elements in the header bar of the application window do so because they are either following platform interface guidelines—like the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines—or because their author decided to use them. GTK by itself doesn’t direct people in one direction or the other. Application developers can also choose to support two separate UI layouts—one with custom controls in the header bar, and one without. Once again: GTK does not favour any specific UI layout.

“Forcing” the removal of controls in header bars is, quite literally, breaking the UI of an application; same as forcing an additional title bar on top of the existing header bar. You are not going to get any more consistency by breaking the UI, in fact you’re going to get less consistent.

The recommendation is to use, or write, applications that target the Xfce interface guidelines; or live with the fact that application developers are free to make applications they way they want.

Ugh… alright then… Than the only way is rewrite the software targeting the Xfce WM :confused:

Well… Thank you for sharing your thought. I just hope there are option like no csd in the past.