gTile on Fedora 34

I had gTile on Fedora 32 and I’ve lost it upgrading to 34.
I see that now on Gnome I can use super + right or left arrow but what if I want - let’s say - a layout with 3 windows 1 on the left and 2 on the right, in the upper and lower part of the screen?
And by the way is gTile incompatible with Fedora 34? Any good window manager alternatives?

Found a reference to this issue on reddit where someone is suggesting tiling-assistant

Tried it now and that’s fair enough, afaics.

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First of all, I’ve had to install

sudo dnf install chrome-gnome-shell

What is funny is that I was seeing gTile as obsole, but then it refreshed as off and finally I could turn it on and install it from the browser.

Anyway I really prefer tiling-assistant at this point, it looks more intuitive (because I can do all by mouse dragging) and I like the way the windows are resized all together. I guess the topic can be consider solved.


Thanks for updating.

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