Grub2, Nvidia and multilingual issues on Fedora 32 Jam (KDE)

Trying to enable multilingual spell checking. Some of it is in English and some in Danish. Sorry, I don’t know what the following is, but it doesn’t look good.
grub2-editenv: fejl: ugyldig miljøblok
All I did was to run $ sudo dnf reinstall kernel* to try to figure out why the system stopped using the Nvidia driver after a system crash. I am now unable to boot into the system. The boot process stops at some lines about nouveau.

This is the second issue that I have had with Grub2 and Fedora 32. The first is reported as a bug. This one is however, a bit more complex. I have never experienced a problem with Grub or Grub2 before I started using Fedora recently.