Grub2 menu not responding - until a scanning cursor runs to the bottom of the console

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After learning a lesson, I can boot Fedora-34 in the Lenovo Yoga C940-14IIL .

10th Gen Intel®Core™i7
14” UHD (3840 x 2160)  VESA-Certified DisplayHDR™ 400, 500 nits
Intel®UHD 960

I notice that, when the grub2 menu is shown, there is no response.

After observing more closely, I find there is a _ cursor running from left to right, then from top to bottom. Only when the _ reached the bottom of the console, the selected entry in the grub2 menu will move (it buffered all the up/down keystrokes and refresh them all).

It takes 5 to 10 s for the _ to disappear.

How to fix this?

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It looks like a known issue:

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Thanks for the pointer.

I have read that thread before, but cannot recall it when I need to.

Adding i915.enable_psr=1 do not help for my case.

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