Grub font size on HiDPI

I have a Lenovo c940 that I have had Fedora on for a few months and I have had a pretty great experience overall but I have the HiDPI model and upon boot, the grub boo screen is quite small. I have looked at the steps to import a font and size it in grub but I am not having much success. Anyone have pointer or can point to a decent howto/tutorial for this?

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Have you tried this?

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Hi @crimsonfae,

I had the same computer and I had the same problem…
I follow these steps: grub2 - Can GRUB font size be customised? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
and also I added this change in the /etc/default/grub:

Other way, you can install Grub Costumizer from Softwares and there you have the option to change the font type and size (I didn’t try, just figured out after).

Good luck,