Graphics performance with AMD Picasso on kernel 5.9.9 and up

Hey. I’ve noticed a significant performance drop in video games (namely Spelunky 2 under Proton) after updating from kernel 5.9.8 to 5.9.9. I tried to reproduce this with some random free benchmarks:
Basemark (vulkan) score goes from 2954 to 2460
Tyler’s Frame Machine (vulkan) score goes from 4977 to 4276
Using OpenGL I get similar behavior.
I’m using a AMD Ryzen Pro 3300U with Vega 6 graphics on Fedora 33.

Did anyone notice anything similar? What sort of logs would be relevant for this?

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Update: I have still no idea what causes this, but I don’t have the issue with the vanilla 5.10-rc6 kernel. It does appear on vanilla 5.9.12, so probably it will be fixed in Fedora when 5.10 arrives. I hope.

Nevermind, still bad performance on 5.10, just took a while to drop.

I believe that this is related – at least I didn’t notice any problems on 5.9.14.

False alarm again. But: I did a lot of poking, yesterday, and I’m pretty sure now that the linux-firmware package is the problem. Downgrading the package to 20201022 and rebuilding initramfs (sudo dracut -f) fixes the issue. There is also a relevant bug report: 210467 – amdgpu Vega 3 lock MCLK on 1200mhz