Graphical Problems on Dell XPS 7390


Long-time *nix user, first time Fedora user. I recently got a new work laptop (Dell XPS 7390) and have been having a horrible experience getting any distro to run on it. Horrible graphical glitches in Ubuntu 19 (On GNOME, XFCE, with gdm, with lightdm, etc.) , inoperable wifi on Elementary 5.1 (even with backported Killer drivers), etc. I ended up on Fedora 31 because it comes by default with one of the newest kernel releases. And I had tracked most of the problems that I was having to the *buntus having older (<5.0) kernel versions. Apparently the Comet Lake i7-10710u in the XPS 7390 and its associated display and wifi modules are not supported in older kernels.

However, I’m still having minor graphical issues in Fedora. See photo attached. Anyone have any tips? Currently running stock Fedora 31.

This also doesn’t show up if I take a screen shot.


Hello @tykom and welcome to discussion Have you tried to discuss this at, there very well could be a user there who has already gone through and solved (maybe) the problem you are facing. The XPS 7390 uses the Intel UHD graphics chip I believe with onboard shared memory. Try starting the session with the alternate Gnome on Xorg (Gnome Classic?) to see if it is a Wayland issue. The display on your laptop is probably a high resolution display and there may be need of tweaks to Gnome on Wayland to handle it better. Good luck, and keep us posted here please.

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Thanks! For the tip! Trying it now, I’ll see how it goes.