Gpsd_selinux.rpm missing gpsd/gpsfake blocked; need gpsfake howto

I was trying to wipe out as many goofy error messages in journalctl as possible when I came upon an error about the “geoclue” package timing out. I have a desktop with NO WIFI. there are no other means of determining location (street address, latitude, longitude etc.) except ip address. my cable modem does not have gps features. so I think geoclue has no way of telling the location. what others have said is to set up “gpsd” (the gps daemon) and to “manually” enter the location by setting up a background process consisting of

gpsfake -o “?WATCH={‘enable’:true,‘json’:true}” mylocation.nmea

note: you can get the file “mylocation.nmea” from various geographical websites.
selinux blocks the gpsfake message. could someone fix this? gpsd uses shared memory /dev/shm also do I need to poke a hole in my firewall? gpsd and gpsfake are both on localhost.