Gparted-1.5.0-1 cannot be run from a desktop, e.g. the Gnome or Plasma desktop

gparted-1.5.0-1 cannot be run from a desktop, e.g. the Gnome or Plasma desktop; it can only be run by issuing “sudo gparted” from a terminal window. Thus, in my view, gparted-1.5.0-1 is unfit for purpose. As a workaround, I downgraded to gparted-1.4.0-2. What I cannot understand is why the software was pushed to updates in such a state, and the only reason I can think of is lack of testing. Fortunately, the problem has been spotted and dealt with: gparted-1.5.0-2 fixes the problem - I only hope that it is pushed to updates asap.

Did you see this?

Such things happen, then normally we get straight away a new update. It looks this time the update not came up because of the freeze, the issue was not just F38 related.


It is a bug and it is fixed in version gparted-1.5.0-2.fc37.x86_64. Version 38 is fixed also, but the update may not be available until Go-Ahead-Time.


As my original post stated, I did fix it by downgrading to gparted-1.4.0-2. However, this doesn’t answer my question as to why the problem wasn’t spotted prior to pushing to updates, as basic testing of the software, would have picked the problem up. When is testing of new releases carried out?

It’s a continuous process, happening by the community.
See or

In that particular case, the update was automatically pushed to the repo based on a single thumbs up after being in testing without negative karma for a week. Yes, in this case it would have been better to wait for more feedback, see

here is the criteria…

Btw, the community includes you - so feel free to participate in testing (by enabling updates-testing repo) and provide feedback. That certainly would help to spot the next bug before it lands in updates.


Thank you for your replies and the links, which I will follow up.

I do feel however, that, had I built this software, I would not regard it as O.K. to consider it a release candidate until it had passed some basic tests, one of which would be trying to run it from the desktop, in the case of gparted. I also believe that I would not consider it unreasonable to do those basic tests myself as an integral and vital part of the process. In fact, having invested effort in building the software, I would also want to carry out basic tests on the software.

However, I guess that opinion does not accord with your processes.