Google Drive not appearing with Gnome 4

I’ve connected my Google account via the Online Accounts setting a few weeks ago and for some reason, my Google Drive does not appear in Nautilus. I am using Fedora 34 with Gnome 40.4.0.
I tried looking around to see if it’s a common issue but didn’t find anything, so I’m hoping someone here might have some words of wisdom!
PS: I’m aware of tools such as rclone etc, but unfortunately, this is a work account, so I do not have root access to install rclone (only certains repos can be installed from).


It works for me in Fedora 34, although it was configured many releases ago.
Verify security settings in your Google account and try this with your email:

sudo dnf install gvfs-goa
gio mount google-drive://
gio open google-drive://

Please take this in consideration:

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That user had an authentication issue. Mine isn’t.

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Thank you! I asked the admin to install it and it works.

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