Good trusted places to get custom wallpapers for gnome?

I’ve generally stuck to using the default wallpapers of whatever OS I am using. This is largely because if I just search for something like “good places to get desktop wallpapers” I get a bunch of sites that I have never heard of before or recommendations from sites that I do not know if I can trust. What are some good places to get desktop wallpapers where you don’t have to worry about the site downloading anything malicious onto your device? Thanks.

I found wallpaperaccess to be useful. But “trusted sites” are rare these days. Just use Firefox with Arkenfox, Ublock and Noscript and you are good.

You can use to search for public domain or Creative Commons licensed images from various sources. For example, here are some photos of mountains from NASA.

The website is open-source and operated by WordPress.

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Wallpapers Gnome - has wallpapers…

If you like Fedora’s wallpapers -