The book The Linux Programming Interface and training courses given by man7.org are accompanied with a set of code examples. Some of these examples are useful in their own right. This package includes the following utilities.

  • pid_namespaces Show the PID namespace hierarchy.
  • namespace_of Show the namespace memberships of one or more processes in the context of the user or PID namespace hierarchy. See the bundled source code for further documentation.
  • userns_overview Display a hierarchical view of the user namespaces on the system along with the member processes for each namespace.
  • view_v2_cgroups Display one or more subtrees in the cgroups v2 hierarchy. The following info is displayed for each cgroup: the cgroup type, the controllers enabled in the cgroup, and the process and thread members of the cgroup.

If you would like this package to be included in Fedora, there is a review request.

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