Goals for Fedora Silverblue 30


At the moment, my only use for fedora-toolbox is doing a dnf search for the names of RPMs, which I then install with rpm-ostree. :wink:


I was playing around a bit with the flatpak building tools flatpak-module-tool and fedmod. I couldn’t use them to do what I was trying in a terminal in Silverblue directly. I had to run it in the fedora-toolbox or I guess some other container would suit too. Mainly this was due to dependencies I needed for the rpm I was trying to make a flatpak of, they weren’t all able to be installed on rpm-ostree. The toolbox seemed the quickest route to testing the build I was trying in that case and proved useful.


My model is HP LaserJet 1006P.
This model needs to download a proprietary firmware and then load it to the printer every time you connect it. The thing is that it’s trying to save it a read-only part of the system.


I’d like to see GNOME app integrations work from Flatpaks so I don’t have to layer GNOME Clocks for example.
But what I would really love to see is Silverblue rolling release :wink:


+1 for rolling release. At worst, a two-week cycle like Atomic Host had.


+1 for rolling release. In a way Flatpaks already are, and OStree would make it easier to do the same for the base OS

Proper and persistent filetype and URL associations between Flatpak applications would also be nice. It’s a bit annoying to have to click the same app on that selector pop-up every time…


IIRC they wanted to do some sort of a “gated rawhide”, and it was in the list of stuff in the message about delaying F31. Right now the main issue with using rawhide for rolling is just that anything gets in if the tests pass. Sure this is Silverblue, so you could just roll back if something breaks, but it still will get a bit irritating after a bit.